Parents are Difference Makers Part 1

What Can I Do?

When you think about the problem of underage drinking, it can seem overwhelming! How can one person make a difference? It starts in your home, neighborhood, and community. If you can make a difference there, you will make a difference everywhere.

Here are some things both parents and students can do TODAY to reduce underage drinking:

Making A Difference At Home

  • Make rules about alcohol – no underage drinking, no exceptions, ever! Work with your children to establish rules and consequences.
  • Keep any alcohol you have at home or in the garage locked up or stored away.
  • Set a good example as an adult or parent – don’t drink to excess in front of your kids, don’t drink and drive, “practice what you preach.”
  • Know your child’s friends and their parents. Talk to them about the rules in their house and make sure you all agree.
  • Know where your children are going. If it is a party, will there be any adults there to supervise?
  • Talk to you children about alcohol and LISTEN to them. They know where and when underage drinking happens and how easy it is to obtain alcohol.
  • Support your child. Even if they choose to drink, let them know they can call you and you will help them. Save the lectures and punishments for later when everyone has had a chance to calm down.
  • TRUST your child to follow the rules you have established together.

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